Please find a list of the services that we offer on below. We are happy to put together a customized package of these offerings based on what we find during the site analysis or specific requests. It’s a long list, but try not to be overwhelmed. We do a lot so you don’t have to worry about it!

For more information on the services and concepts detailed here please Contact Us. We look forward to bringing you more customers.

Website Development
Whether you need a website built from scratch or need work to be done on your existing website, we are here to help. Building a new website or upgrading an existing site can seem daunting at times, however, we have the expertise and experience to tackle these tasks so our clients don’t have to worry about them. By hiring Collaboration 133, you free yourself or your business to attend to other matters or projects while knowing that we are taking care of your web development needs.

At Collaboration 133, we use our extensive knowledge to develop or redesign a website that is right for you at a reasonable price. Our knowledge covers everything from raw code, such as PHP or HTML/CSS, to popular content management systems to complex eCommerce solutions. We have considerable experience working with Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart and Magento to name a few.

Before we start any project, we sit down with our clients to discuss their unique needs and concerns. During the course project, we provide regular updates. Communication is key in our minds. By taking the time to truly understand what our clients need we are able to deliver aesthetically pleasing websites that are user friendly as well.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It is the process of optimizing a website so that the site will appear higher in search engine results for certain desired keywords. By getting your site to appear higher up in search rankings on major search engines, we can increase the visibility of your site, which in turn generates more traffic. The easier you are to find on a search engine, the more likely people will be to find and visit your site.

The SEO process can be lengthy, but is ultimately very rewarding and often drives traffic to your site for years to come. Many firms that propose this type of work require a minimum contract of 6 months. We are pleased to offer a tiered program that will approach the SEO process as a build up by first making sure the site is in order, suggesting a course of action over various timelines, and then matching the client’s budget with our list of deliverables.

Keep in mind that much of the work is changing or building content and the relationships the company has on the internet, waiting for results, and then adjusting the process accordingly. Depending on the behavior search engines and how the clients measure results, results can be seen in as little time as one week or as long as several months. In all, SEO process is very dynamic.

Be assured that the SEO processes that we offer are completely transparent. We will keep you up to date on all work that we do. We also consider an SEO campaign a learning experience for the customer. During the SEO process we intend to give you the skills to help carry on your SEO campaign more efficiently.

A good SEO campaign begins with an audit of the customer website, the targeted keywords, and off-site elements.

  • We use state of the art tools to measure how relevant your current search terms are, how much traffic they receive, and how competitive they are within your industry.
  • We use the same tools to identify new keywords that will also drive traffic to your site. After the initial analysis we will be able to suggest a selection of keywords that will work to drive traffic to your site.
  • While much of the SEO effort is centered on building backlinks and driving traffic externally, there is still a lot of onsite optimization that when completed will help search engines crawl your site more efficiently. We offer a number of services that cater to onsite SEO:
    • “Content is king.” Content is one of the most important factors that search engines consider when reviewing your site. We optimize content and site copy around your selected keywords in a way that is beneficial to search engines yet remains natural and readable to customers.
    • Search engines cannot see images. To compensate, we make sure that image titles and descriptions are tagged with the right keywords so they can be appropriately identified by search engines.
    • Header tags tell search engines what the most important content on the page is. Appropriate use of header tags can help boost your search engine page rankings.
    • Anchor text defines site linking structure which in turn determines how visitors navigate around your site. Likewise, it points the way for search engines when crawling and indexing your site.
    • Once we drive visitors to your website, the next task is to get them to stay. Whether visitors stay or not is measured by a site’s bounce rate, which is the percentage of visits where the visitor enters and exits at the same page without visiting any other pages on the site in between. The visual presentation of the website’s content is essential in keeping visitors interested.
    • Content should be easily distributed throughout the site.
    • URLs should be optimized for keywords. 301 redirects will be appropriately implemented to allow search engines to easily navigate your site.
    • Sitemaps help search engines determine which content to look at and rank how important it is. We create up-to-date site maps for our clients and submit them to all of the major search engines.
    • While META tags may not be the cornerstone for SEO that they once were, it is still worth having them in order. META tags give a first impression of a site and help search engines determine the phrases in content that are keywords.
    • If you are looking for a fresh new look let us know. We construct websites using state of the art methods with professional design that optimizes the user experience.
    • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools are great resources for monitoring the traffic and conversions your site received and making sure it meets the standards needed for good SEO.
    • When developing eCommerce sites for our clients we focus on security and functionality. All of our eCommerce sites are built to industry security standards to protect your customers and feature an easy-to-use back-end or administrative section to manage your store. SEO built into our eCommerce development process.
    • Blogging is a great way to establish social networks, drive traffic, express yourself as an authority within your industry, and spread news about your products. After establishing a company blog we can develop content or give you pointers so you can do it yourself.
    • What began as tool used for sending bookmarked items to friends has developed into a social search engine. By utilizing social bookmarking we can increase the genuine traffic you see through your website.
    • Customers won’t find you if search engines don’t know about you. By manually submitting to the top search engines, we can give you a much better chance of being listed and found by your potential customers.
    • Submitting your information to online directories is a great way to build backlinks and increase your online presence.
    • Press releases are not only for newspapers and television. There are numerous online resources that accept press release submissions. These keyword rich press releases may be published by bloggers or found by your customers through search engines. Through writing and submitting press releases you can bolster your reputation as an authority in the industry and increase the amount of backlinks pointing to your site.
    • We wish to make this experience as transparent as possible for you. In this we will be able to offer monthly progress reports based on the rate of traffic that is visiting your website. In addition these reports can be delivered on request.


Building and maintaining an eCommerce web store or integrating a web store into an existing site adds a degree of complexity beyond normal web development. Security is of paramount importance as is site performance. We offer services from a basic eCommerce evaluation and audit to comprehensive eCommerce site development depending on our clients’ needs.

  • We conduct a complete security audit of all sites that we work on or build to ensure that there are no serious security vulnerabilities so that your customers’ confidential information is kept safe.
  •   SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a means of encrypting data sent between your site and customers’ computers so that it cannot be intercepted by malicious parties. 128-bit SSL is standard across eCommer sites.
  •   If you already have a shopping cart in place, we evaluate it and make suggestions as to worthwhile upgrades and optimization. For new stores we offer comprehensive shopping cart setup that will allow you to manage your store from an administrative section.

Content Management

Website development is just the beginning. Once built, a site needs to be updated regularly with new content or site traffic will stagnate. New content helps a site with search engine rankings and draws new visitors to the site. If you are running an eCommerce site, shoppers who come for the information offered on the site will often stay on your site to make their purchase. Good content generates revenue from an eCommerce perspective. Last, but not least, site content should be optimized so that content is in the most convenient location for a site’s users. We offer a comprehensive package that addresses all these needs or we can customize our Content Management services depending on your needs.

  •   We understand that constantly generating fresh content and ideas for your website may be an intimidating task. Thus we are able to work with you to develop content and keep your site fresh. We have writers on staff that can help with this process.
  •   Regular blog posting can sometimes be neglected when you are busy dealing with all the other important parts of your business. We are happy to create and post content on your blog as long as you can give us a general topic. We make sure to include quality keywords in all of our blogging.
  •   Is your content in the right place? We use website optimization tools to test what content works best where. Once our testing is complete, we arrange your site accordingly.

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